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UrineTown The Musical

The sensational brand new London show Urinetown returned to London Westend after popular demand. The rib tickling funny satirical London musical has been a delightful experience for the theatre goers on Broadway also. In the year 2001, the show enjoyed sizzling success on Broadway and made its London debut at St. James Theatre Victoria in February 2014.

Olivier Award winning director Jamie Lloyd’s spectacular production was a huge hit amongst the theatre goers and was immensely acclaimed by masses. Urinetown is set in the future and after a dreadful drought, the citizens are facing lots of troubles. On the other hand, evil business tycoon Cladwell B started earning money by charging over the usage of public toilets.

The tycoon claimed it as ‘privilege to pee’ and also enforced fine, if anybody urinate anywhere else. The person used to be upheld by brutal police force which is headed by Penelope Pennywise. If anyone pees on street and caught then he will be sent to a place called Urinetown, from where he never returns. The city is looking for a revolution now and need a leader.

Enjoy the great satirical London show, Urinetown at the magnificent Apollo Theatre. Soutra Gilmour superb designs make the show a great treat to watch out for. Olivier Award winner Jenna Russell will portray the role of Penelope Pennywise, Jonathan Slinger as Officer Lockstock and Marc Elliott as Mr. McQueen.

Name of the actors performing the protagonist role of Bobby Strong and Caldwell B. Cladwell will be declared soon. Urinetown will run for 2 hours and 15 minutes and recommended for 12+ children.

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