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Looking for a sensational brand new saga at the London Westend Theatre! Adapted from the blockbuster 1992 animated saga of Disney, Aladdin is one of the most popular classic tales of all time. The Broadway musical has enjoyed great success and was also one of the most successful movies of 1992.

The popular character of Genie was hugely popular amongst the audience. Popular comedian, Robin Williams offered his voice to the character of Genie. The blockbuster movie is adapted from the popular classic Middle Eastern folk tale, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp which is one of the popular tales of The Book of One Thousand and One Nights.

Aladdin is certainly one of the most popular characters amongst the kids. The two hours and thirty minutes show is recommended for 6+ kids, whereas book of the musical is penned by Chad Beguelin. The story of Aladdin revolves around a homeless man residing in Agrabah. The young boy gets a chance to enter into a cave, where he finds a magic lamp.

The lamp has a Genie in it and he offers to grant Aladdin three wishes. His wish was to become a prince and won the heart of Princess Jasmine. Evil Jafar has some other plans for Aladdin. The show features some memorable musical numbers such as “One Jump Ahead”, “Friend Like Me”, “Prince Ali” and “A Whole New World”.

Aladdin is a beautiful combination of scintillating energy dance routines, a great story and stunning sets and costumes. In the year 2014, the show made its debut at the Amsterdam Theatre in Broadway and enjoyed great success amongst classes, masses and critics.

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