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The feel good London show Billy Elliot is adapted from the Stephen Daldry’s classic movie. The heart  warming and uplifting musical is the story of a young boy’s struggle to pursue his dreams. The superb saga is set during the coal miner’s strike in the era of 80s. Margaret Thatcher savaged the small Durham community. Enjoy the superb classic Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre!

 Billy Elliot has enjoyed success in both London and New York. Immensely critically and massively acclaimed London musical is the winner of prestigious Tony Award for Best New Musical. Elton John’s mesmerizing musical number makes the show a completely delightful experience for the theatre  lovers.

 The hugely loved show marked an opening with rave reviews and has been regarded by critics as the Best British Musical since Olivier. With brilliant child performers, the show is an excellent experience to watch out for. With some of the finest acting, singing and dancing, Billy Elliot is certainly one of the best London shows of all time. The show is going strong and has become a huge hit amongst the locals and tourists.

 So get set to enjoy the three hours London show Billy Elliot with your near and dear ones this weekend. With gripping story and spectacular London production, the multi award winning show is a complete treat to watch out for at the magnificent Victoria Palace Theatre!

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