Phantom of the Opera London

Following previews that started from 27th September 1986, performances of Phantom of the Opera musical opened on 9th April 1986. That was 25 years back and still today Phantom of the Opera continues to pull audiences at Her Majesty’s Theatre London. Phantom of the Opera London went on to become second longest running musical in West End’s history and touched the phenomenal landmark of 10,000 performances on 23rd October 2010. One of the most successful stage shows in the history of entertainment, the musical has been viewed by over 100 million people worldwide in 149 countries and in 25 countries.

The piece is an adaptation of Gaston Leroux’s gothic novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra which he wrote in 1910 and was published the following year. The Phantom of the Opera takes audiences to a journey into nineteenth century France and brings in light the life that transpired in the stage beneath. There resided a man, a musical genius, who opted to remain clandestine from the world outside. He is the Phantom, a disfigured and a mysterious character whose face remains covered under a mask all the time.

Life has been moving on for the Phantom all this while until he sees Christine Daaé. She has joined the opera as a soprano singer; Phantom is spellbound with her stunning charms and fixates on her. Using his persuasive powers he makes her the star of the show. Christine begins to befriend Phantom but the moment Phantom unmasks himself, the girl is shocked to see the fiend in his friend. The Phantom of the Opera holds audiences to their seats till the very climax. The show is an emotive tale and it is quite natural if you leave Her Majesty’s Theatre in moist eyes.

Andrew Lloyd Weber was keen writing a romantic tale. He shared his idea with the show’s producer and insisted that he wanted to use Gaston Leroux’s novel as an inspiration. It was in 1984 Lloyd Weber abandoned the idea of writing his own story and instead penned down the score. The duo decided to adapt the epic for their stage productions and features songs like Masquerade, All I Ask of You and The Music of the Night.

The show’s premiere took place in 1986 and Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman played the protagonist Phantom and Christine. It was an immense hit at the box office since its debutant days and bagged Laurence Olivier Award for best musical and Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical. Daily performances of Phantom of the Opera London shows are running at Her Majesty’s Theatre from Monday to Saturday at 19:30 and Matinees on Thursday and Saturday at 14:30

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